Diploma Programs/Year One

Micro Computer Literacy

Word, Data Base, Excel, Network Applications, Introduction to Networking, Visual Basic.Net
(Eligible to work in any Modern-Day office: Medical, Legal, Executive, etc.) (Upgrade to Computer Information Systems)

PC Desktop Support

Software & Hardware courses,Component Understanding- Learn basic electronics and computer architecture, Micro Peripheral Repair-learn the parts of the computer and how to build and repair a computer. Three levels of Networking- Introduction to, Managing and Advanced. (Eligible for a position as a computer technician and network administrator; eligible for MOUS & Network certification) (Upgrade to Network Engineer)

School of Web Design


E-commerce, Multimedia i.e., Graphics, Music Video, Pictures, Web Development, Marketing and Management, Create Websites, Program With JavaScript.

(Eligible to Work As a Webmaster, Create Websites, Web Communication, Multimedia, HTML Pages. Can Also Work As a Trainee in PC Desktop Support for Software Applications)

*Upgrade to Computer Information Systems.

School of Forensics and Network Security

Network Security and Computer Forensics

Software, Forensics, Criminal Justice, Network Security.

(Eligible to Work in Electronic Discovery, Computer Forensics, Network Security and Data Recovery)

*Extend Your Knowledge with This Program Upon Completion of Network Engineering.

Associate of Occupational Degree/Year Two

School of Electronic Technology

Network Engineer 

Software, Hardware, PC Repair, Four Levels of Networking, Installing and Maintaining Windows, Novel, Intraware, Linux, Five Certification Courses: A+ CNE, PLUS, MCSE and Cisco.
We Offer the Courses and the Program, and You Can Obtain Certification at a Location of Your Choice. 

(Eligible for Entry Level Positions in Desktop Support and Network Engineer)

School of Information Technology

Computer Information Systems

Software, Hardware, Web Classes, Basic and Advanced Classes in Programming, Visual Basic, .Net, Three Levels of Data Base Management, Two Levels of C+ & Two Levels of C Sharp. 

(Eligible For Entry Level Positions in Programming and Any Position That Literacy or Webmaster Graduates Are Eligible For)

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